'99 Ram 2500, 5.9l Cummins. Cruise creeps


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'99 Ram 2500, 5.9l Cummins. Cruise creeps

Hey all

The speed on my 99 Ram 2500 (5.9l Cummins Turbo Diesel) creeps up when I set the cruise control. If I fiddle with the 'decel' button I can get it to hold, and once it holds, it works fine (including the 'resume' button) but it takes some work to get it to set.

Also, if I'm cruising along on flat ground and at a steady rate of speed and set it, it works most of the time.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the forums! Sorry for the delayed response. I took mine out today just to see how it reacted. I have never noticed a "creeping", and like you say, on a flat surface it does great. It does sound as if you may have a vacuum leak. Check your hoses for good connections, good clamps especially, and for pin holes. A slight loss in vacuum will cause the response you are seeing.
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The Dodge Diesel cruise control is not vacuum operated, it's electronic. Your creeping is caused by actuating the 'cruise' button while the truck is still accelerating.

The 'cruise' remembers how you set the speed (when you try to lock in your speed), and if it is during acceleration, the control will add a few MPH to the speed that you locked in.

There are 2 ways to correct this: 1. Take it to the dealer, and they will "De-program" it for a (ahem) fee. or 2. as you drive, you can lock in your speed while slightly DECELERATING to get the control unit retrained. This can take several times, but if you are patient, it will be OK in a few days at most.

To prevent the issue from returning; when driving, accelerate to your desired speed, then hold that speed for a few hundred yards to establish it as your desired speed, then lock in your speed.

I have 2 of these vehicles ('98 1 Ton, '99 3/4) and did the same thing to each with no problems.

Good Luck

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