Buckling during acceleration


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Buckling during acceleration

I hope that someone has had this problem or may know what it is associated with. I have a 2000 Chevy S-10, 2.2L that is buckling and jerking during acceleration of: 1) upshifting, 2) downshifting to pass, 3) maintaining speed going uphill, and 4) cruising at steady speeds. But, it doesn’t do it all the time, its intermittent and random, when it does it. It has new plugs and cables, and recently I put in dealer plugs. It still pulls P0301 from the PCM and pending P0300, with the check engine light going on every so often.

Three auto shops have looked at it, one tested with scanner, says it looks to be a valve and rebuilt the head. The other two, tested with equipment, scopes and scanners, isolated to what they say is internal, maybe the crankshaft.

Does anyone have suggestions?
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You have changed fuel filter & had fuel system pressure tested right?
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Anything intermittent, like you're describing, would be more likely fuel/fuel system, ignition, or engine/emission controls.
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Fuel filter has already been replaced and fuel pressure is good. With so much info being suggested from acquaintances, its overwhelming and not knowing what to do.

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