Service Engine Soon Light.. Dodge Dakota 2003


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Service Engine Soon Light.. Dodge Dakota 2003

My service engine soon light came on last Friday.. it isn't blinking so that is good.. I didn't put gas in my truck while it was running.. that is good! I have a little over 34,000 on it and I will be bringing it in to the Dodge place we bought it from... I'm thinking it is just time for the "Federal Emissions Control" to be checked... any ideas...
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more than likely just some little widget said i give up. If the light is on steady it should be a hard code so hopefully easy to diagnose and fix.
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Unless the dealership is going to scan it for free, which is highly unlikely, I would save some money and have the codes read somewhere like Auto Zone, which is free. Then post back here what the codes are that come up.
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90% of the time the sensor itself has gone bad
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Originally Posted by j HOWARD View Post
90% of the time the sensor itself has gone bad
there are tons of sensors and reasons for this light to come on as tow_guy says best to have some one read the code and post back
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I own a 2002 Dakota & the same thing happened to me. I took it in to the dealer and the had to replace the gas cap.
Seems the vent in the cap rusted shut. Replaced it & havent had another problem like that.
Other problems but not gas cap

Good luck

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