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Unhappy Generator help

My onan 4000 watt generator will run and I have 125 volts to the breaker, but it doesen't get to the outlets or to the A/C. I called my local RV outlet and talked to the service man. He asked if it had a transfer switch, which it must have, since I do not manually plug anything in to it to make it work. Well, he said to bring it in, and for a princley sum of $100,00 per hour, he would check it out. Any chance you gurus could help me with this problem? It occured when I reversed the house battery cables accidently. ON shore power, all is well and everything works. Thanks, Jerry
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Just a guess, but it sounds like you fried the xfer switch circuit when you crossed the connections, so it's not switching the gen power.
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To fix this yourself you would need to have a voltage meter and have some idea how to use it.
You would start by tracing the wiring to see how switching between generator and shore power works and then looking to see what is causing your problem.

You can look for fuses or breaker you do not know about otherwise a trip to the RV dealer might be in order.
With gas prices the way they are now $100.00/hr is not a lot of money.
What would be the per/hr cost of driving this rig?
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Reversing your house batteries by mistake, is DC voltage. We're talking AC voltage here, and I'm having a hard time thinking of any 12VDC circuit, that is connected to that AC power, unless you have an inverter on board instead of a converter. Can you tell the difference between the two? You say you have power at your breaker, Do you mean inside at your switch box with breakers & fuses, or just at the main breaker of the generator, or where did you confirm power? Perhaps your RV make, model & year will help.
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Got a neighbor that knows something about electricity? Ask him/her to take a look at it before going to the dealer.
If you don't know anything about electrical circuits, you could kill yourself.
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"He asked if it had a transfer switch,"

Since you don't seem to know what it is, I'll try explain what I think it is.

Your RV can either run off the generator or power from the power mains.

BUT, you can't have them both hooked up at the same time.
(That might make things smoke).

So, the transfer switch is used to change transfer the load from one source of power to the other.

Just Google 'RV transfer switch'. and see stuff like this

Good Luck,

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