99 s10 P0200


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99 s10 P0200

99 chevy s10 2.2 cly 5spd, engine running rough, number 2 plug soaked with gas only , changed injector still same thing, scaned codes got back p0200 (injector circuit) so now we have hit a dead end, anybody know where to go next? thanks
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Is this "Central Fuel Injection"?.....Or 4 seperate Injectors?

The 200 codes are usually Cylinder specific....201 , 202, 203, 204.....

Anyway......If you have 4 seperate injectors.....Get a hold of what is called a "NOID" light . Its a circuit tester that is specifically designed for injector circuits......DO NOT USE A STANDARD TEST LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Unplug the offending injector, and plug the "Noid" into the harness. start the engine. The Noid should flash......If it stays on constantly.....Suspect PCM , or the injector harness shorted to ground.
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Ok got the noid light hooked it to the injector harness, light stayed on continously while engine running indicating injector staying open, so I changed the ecm had some issues with programming it to the truck security but finnaly I think we got it worked out, it cranks and runs smooth with no smoke, still got to hook all the accesories back up, but seems to be fixed thanks

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