Vintage 10 ft Trailer


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Vintage 10 ft Trailer

I want to paint the exterior of my little trailer. Any advice as to products to use to prep, seal and paint? Any how-to advice would be appreciated too. Thanks.
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Is your trailer metal, wood or both, what finish is on there now and in what condition is it?
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If you wanted a show case type looking trailer you might want to sand blast all the old paint and then you have just the raw trailer and put a coat or two of primer then put 2 coats of paint on top of that.

If you are like the rest of use and don't need or afford doing that, then you can do what I have done. I sanded down the trailer, mainly getting lose paint chips and rush off. Then I wash/spray the trailer to get off the dust from sanding. Then I put a 2 coats of primer, put one coat on the whole trailer and then go back with the second coat. Make sure it is for metal. You don't want interior primer for walls. You want one for exterior. You can get a can at walmart for about $7, usually comes in white but once you paint you dont see any white so it doesn't matter. They are usually water based and pretty easy to clean up and wash off. Then once it drys, which maybe takes 20-30 mintues, I usually wait until the next day. Then I put 2 coats of paint on the trailer. Also you can get a can for about $7. You can get both for about $20-less, if you are just doing a normal paint and not a high dollar paint scheme. The paint I usually get is oil based, and it is harder to clean off you hands and brushes (will need paint thinner to clean off) but it seems to go on better and be tougher then a water based.

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