Problems with me and my 1992 Ford S-10 pickup


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Problems with me and my 1992 Ford S-10 pickup

Over a week ago, ON THE WAY TO A THERAPY SESSION (partially for anger management), I got stuck in a turning lane and was just about to be late. In a fit of rage, in waving my arms wildly and cursing at drivers that wouldn't let me into one of the main traffic lanes, I hit the blinker switch and broke it. Now I have to drive everywhere with my left blinker on and listening to that annoying tick-tock sound. What is the best way to fix the switch assembly? (I know what I need to do to fix me, lol) In the past, when we went to use the wipers it was pretty much slow wiper speed or if we rotated the end part of the wiper/blinker handle all the way it would suddenly make the wipers move really fast. Now that I have a broken blinker AND a messed up wiper assembly, I noticed that the Ammeter quickly jerks to the right in synch with the blinker flashing. Is that a bad sign? A short or something? the last week or so the "rear antilock brake" warning light has been on. I haven't heard any brake squealing, and the truck doesn't seem to pull in any one direction when I do brake. Is this nothing to really worry about?


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First, Ford doesn't make S-10's, so is it a Chevy S-10 or a Ford ranger? The part you broke will require the removal of the air bag assembly and the steering wheel, and to be honest, I would not consider that to be a DIY situation. The ABS light can emanate from low brake fluid, poor vacuum, ill adjusted brakes, and others. They are usually best left to the pros to deal with likewise. Sorry for the bad news, but some things may just be beyond our DIY capabilities. Others may chime in with different ideas, so clear up the model of the truck for us so we can go further.
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if it's an s-10, you broke the lever off inside the wipers switch. if you just look at it, you'll see that it's in the down (left) turn position...stick your thumb or finger in there against it and push up to turn it off.

you have to get the broken piece out which may require disassembly. a new lever isn't expensive and it just slides in. there's no airbag if it's an s-10 either.

the ammeter moving in unison is normal.

your rear anti lock brake lamp being on can be for several reasons. one of the most common is a failed dump valve. in the dlc under the left side of the dash, jumper pins "A" to either "G or H" and it will flass the code which will tell you if it's the brake lamp circuit, EBCM, dump valve, etc. then you'd need to perform the diagnostic routine that follows the code.
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Thanks for the help, guys It's a Ford Ranger S-10 pickup. I will look at the wiper arm when my wife gets home. And, try to jumper the wires to see the flash code. Would it be worth buying one of those diagnostic code tools, that tells you what is wrong with a vehicle?

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