1982 Ford Jayco Motorhome 460 no fuel?


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Unhappy 1982 Ford Jayco Motorhome 460 no fuel?

I have a 1982 Ford Jayco Motorhome with 460 engine, parked last fall, and everything was fine. Fuel was low at the time parked. I added new fuel, *(about 1/4 tank each front and rear)

have spark,,,,,,,

I did have a problem with squirrels packing walnuts in the engine compartment over the winter, and have cleaned all that out.

now it will not fire, unless i add fuel into the carb.

I cant believe that both fuel pumps would go bad at the same time?

Maybe a wire got chewed thru or knocked loose to the pump from the squirrels?

any help greatly appreciated, kids want to go camping next weekend!!!!

thank you
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Have you checked to see if the pumps are working? They are electric pumps and not one on the side of the engine?

Another possibility is a plugged line. It is always best to add a fuel stabilizer when storing a motor - it keeps the gas from varnishing up.
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The '83 ford I owned had a mechanical fuel pump on the driver's side just in front of the motor mount.
An electrical switch controlled a valve mounted on the frame that swapped the suction from tank to tank
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mechanical fuel pump bypass?!?

1982 Jayco Motorhome with Ford 460 7.5 liter v8.

fuel filters all new, ran when parked last fall.

new fuel added this spring, nothing, Gets spark, and runs when i add fuel to the carb, but thats it

has manual fuel pump, is this the best place to start? or should I put an air hose on the fuel lines and see if I can blow them back if they got a slug?


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Question mechanical fuel pump bypass?!?

i have a ford 460 7.5 liter engine with a mechanical fuel pump. pump quit working, and i bought a new bolt on the frame electric pump designed for this. Can i just route it in near the tank, leaving the old mechanical one with the fuel routing through

Or do i need to remove the old mechanical one and cap off the old lines, and run new to the carb?

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you can run it through the on engine pump, I did that to my diesel to help cold starts because my water separtor has a small air leak when it sets to long the lines will drain back to the tank. I only run mine off of the glow plug relay so it doesn't run continously. however your mechanical pump might leak internaly and dilute the oil so I would bypass it and plug the hole.
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you need to see if you are getting fuel to the carb remove line to at carb place rubber line to sutibel container crank engine a bit no fuel look at pump got fuel check carb next
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i would take lines off mechanical pump bolt electric in engine compartment fender re run lines and electrical no need to cap in and out on old pump.

I Merged these posts since they are about the same vehicle

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