fuel pressure


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fuel pressure

i have a 1998 chevy 2500 3\4 ton p\u w/ a 5.7 vortec msfi
for a while ive had to start it when its cold w\ starting fluid.
latley its gotten worse. now it wont stay running after the blast of s.f. i tested the pressure its 40 psi.
my question is whats it supposed to be. and if its low will that prevent it from starting.i hate to keep using the ether
the fuel pump is about a yr old theres a pressure sensor, can they be tested? Im tring to not have to replace the fuel pump. any input would be helpfull. thanx, dirty
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the spec for fuel pressure is 60-66 psi with the pump running...and then it should also hold pressure when the pump turns off. you should also get at least a pint of fuel in 30 seconds if you do a volume test. how many miles since the filter was changed? supposed to be every 30k. now to determine if your cause of low pressure is the pump or regulator, you'll need to block the return off and try it again. if it still doesn't come up, it's a bad pump. if it comes up then you have a bad regulator. make sure you use a suitable gauge for testing this way...the pump is capable of putting out way more than 66 psi...

i'm moving your thread to the truck section... have a great day.
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fuel meter body

ok thanx. i ended going w\ the regulator. upon opening it up i found it to be nasty inside the manifold. Also the fuel meter body was loose only one bolt holding it on and not tight. so i looked for another bolt only to find the second hole is not threaded. Is it supposed to be like that? or should it be tight?
thanx dirty

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