RV Water System


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RV Water System

Hello Everyone!

Me and some friends of mine are buying a travel trailer for a summer trip, we won't be getting a lot of use out of it so we've decided on one that is as cheap as possible. The down side to this is the obvious interior renovations required, the most complexed of which is a the water system. None of us really have any experience doing this sort of stuff, but we figure what's the worst that could go wrong?....right? :/

The trailer we are interested has a bathroom, shower, and sink, however these appliances only work while the TT is at a camp ground with water hook ups. So to remedy this obvious draw back we've decided to install our own system. Our idea is to take a 55 Gallon drum, install a line between it and a 50 PSI pump, then have the tank be filled by the previous water hook ups on the TT. From the output of the pump the water would go through a "T" connector, one side going to a tank-less propane water heater. The output of the heater, along with the free out off the T connector would create the new sources for hot and cold water, respectively, and would be tapped into the already installed water system.

In total this system would run somewhere around $300, including all needed piping. If this would work it seems like a great solution to our water problem.

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated

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There should be a pump & potable tank onboard already.Did you not find them, or is there problems with them? Should be a pump switch on the wall somewhere or in the bathroom, which should work off of a 12VDC battery, that would be hooked up to the trailer, or can be hooked up.Did you find any of that? That pump will draw water out of your onboard potable tank.
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It may have no system ( depends on age of unit ) or might
have a air pressure system. We had a 23' TT back in the
60tees that came w/ a foot pump ( ultra modern ) . Every time I forgot to depressure system-I had copper pipes laying
all over the hwy.
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We haven't actually seen the trailer yet, but its quite old (77 or so) Now that you mention its thats the first thing I'll look for, but based on the description I'm fairly sure it doesn't...I guess we'll see. Thanks for the reply!

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growing up we had a 60's cox camper tent trailer. it had a 14 gallon fresh water tank and a hand pump at the sink. not much but it did carry it's own water.

hard to believe a 77 TT wouldn't have a self contained system...altho someone may have tampered with it or it may need some repairs...but they are very repairable.

we also had a 72 Prowler (with a monomatic recirculating toilet to save water!), a 77 GMC class C motorhome...not to mention the 78 class C that I owned...thay all had 12 volt demand water systems. the 12 volt pump runs til pressure builds up and then shuts off if there is no demand.

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