Awning Stuck


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Awning Stuck

I have an A&E awning on my camper and last year when I put it away it was hard to roll up. Now that I got it out today to get it ready for the year it will not roll out more than a few feet. It feels like it "binds up". I can flip the switch and it will roll back in but will not roll out all the way. I tried to "man handle" it and pull really hard but I cannot get it to come out. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?
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Sounds like a torsion spring assy. is shot. These can be very dangerous to work with if your experienced, let alone inexperienced in that area. If you have anyone in the area, that knows them, do yourself a favor & ask them. I've seen experienced guys break fingers, and tear the skin off many a finger, over the years, including myself. Call & make an appointment at nearest RV shop to have it changed for you, you'll be glad you did. Should only take them a 1/2 hour,and you'll still have your fingers in good shape. You'll need to go there for the new part anyway.
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A&E awning

Inside your awning tube on either end are very tightly wound springs that facilitate the rewinding of your awning. it is my experiance that one of them has broken, I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend that any end user attempt to replace this as it can be very dangerous. in the ten plus years that I have worked in a dealership I have seen two techs lose fingers..
I recommend take it to your local dealer and let them effect the repair


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