ign switch bypassing


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ign switch bypassing

my old 85 f250 beatup roofing truck had the switch die..took it to autosone , they said something in the column is meesed up not the switch..so I have to get this running asap..is there just a way to bypass the switch all together by using a 3 way toggle switch and running a few wires to places?..I dont know where to tun the wires from the toggle switch..any ideas?
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when you turn the key to "run" do the dash lights come on?
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nothing happens when switch comes on it spins freely from "off" to "start"..just like it has been gutted..
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I have a hunch sound like the excat same sisuation what i have many years ago.,,,

If your truck do have tilt steering wheel option there if so then you have a broken half horsecoller pin that why it won't slide at all.

The only way you can get in there is take the steering wheel off [ you will need steering wheel remover ] and ask one of the auto repair or ask the auto part store to ask for specal pin remover at the pivot point [ you will need this anyway otherwise ya will never get this thing out.]

and go to the Ford dealership and get that part [ it should be a stock item.,, i am sure they went thru a bit of that as well ]

once you have the nessecary parts before you start this PLEASE unhook the battery[s] before you do this otherwise it will start on ya.

for the rest of prodcures i will defered to the service manual for how to take the rest and hook it up [ it kinda hard to expain everything on the forum ] expect take about min of half day to do this.

for automatic transmission verison will have few extra step in there as well.


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