95 ram 4x4 death wobble


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95 ram 4x4 death wobble

i've got a 95 ram cummins 4x4 that's got a pretty nice "death wobble". the problem is when i hit a bump, it doesn't really matter what speed, or apply the brakes to stop, the front end starts shaking very violently, the steering wheel gets squirrely and the front end bounces up and down. but it is not at every bump or stop. i have already changed the track bar about a year ago, front steering stabilizer in febuary, just put rancho rs-5000 shocks on, the front ends aligned, tires are balanced. had the front end checked out, got the alignment and balance done last week, was told everything looked good, front end was all tight and it went haywire on the drive home. anybody had this problem fixed, or know how to go about fixing it?? i have put on tires and rims from an 06 3500 mega cab on about a year ago as well.
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I had the same problem with the Dana 60 in my 1 ton Chevy.
It could be something warn in the steering, anything from tie rods to the pitman arm. It could also be bad ball joints or bearings... Anything that can allow 1 tire to move slightly side to side without the other. When it was aligned did they go thru the whole front end to check for excess wear, or did they just align toe in/out?
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i don't know to what extent they checked the front end out. i told them the problem i was having and they recommended that i go to a dual steering stabilizer on the front end. they said that everything was tight on the front end.
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did you take it to a shop that specilizes in 4x4s? or heavy trucks? sounds like worn parts in the front end. tie rod ends or ball joints come to mind. did it do this before the 3500 wheels? is not do you have the old wheels and can you try them to see if you are puting to much stress on the axles. if the offset is different that might be the problem. have you checked the wheel bearings for run out or preload? also has your steering gearbox been checked for play?

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death wobble, hah? or so common problem it is, surprisingly.
i have 2000 silverado z71 4x4. i know exactly what you mean, friend. bump it at about 50 mph, and it feels like the front end goes into earthquake.
this is what fixed mine:
replaced idler arm
replaced driver side hub, as bearing was bad.
total cost: $250, time - roughly 1 hr.
probably, my pitman needs to be replaced either, but it's a hassle, so i am delaying on it. but, so far, knock on the wood - it's over.
bet ya money car shakes not just side to side, but up and down too, and much good steering shock/stabilizer will do you on that.
sounds like your shock absorbers are up for replacement either. do not, do not buy KYBs! i got billsteins in the rear and KYBs in the front, and regretted it in a week. stiff!

i think it's a generic issue with paralellogram steering, prevailing on trucks. you have none of this trouble with rack and pinion.

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