1984 Toyota pickup


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1984 Toyota pickup

this 1984 pickup sat for a while, when I start in the morning it runs very ruff as it is running on cylinder No. 1 and No. 4 only, when I pull the wire from 2 & 3 I do not feel that it change any thing, the choke is working good, and when I drive it for 15 to 20 Mn. it runs very smooth.
I am thankful if some one would know.
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first off spray some chemtool down the carb while running and see if it smooths out. if so it is probably running to lean. will probably need a carb kit. second run a compression test to see if the eng is ok. also you say the choke works correctly, try opening the choke when it is running ruff and see if that helps, if that helps you are running rich, choke may not be opening correctly with the vac break(choke pull off)

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1984 truck

I checked the compression and it is the same in all cylinders, and it did not make any change if the chocke is wide open or not, and I sprayed inside the cab. but the same effect.
I have new plugs, wires, cap and rotor.
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one morning you might try pulling all the plugs and cranking the engine over to see if theres any coolant in the cylinders that may be causing a misfire till it warms up.
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if it smoothes out after warm up, i would look at the cold start system. sounds like a vacuum leak under cold conditions which is re-routed after warm up. ???

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