Too much fuel


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Too much fuel

I have a 87 chevy van , rebuilt 14000 miles ago, been running fine stopped unloaded and when istated again it started flooding out? ( 2 barrel ) new air filter,new plugs ,cap and rotor look great.
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Two barrel = carburated. Check for a stuck float. Sometimes a sharp rap on the fuel bowl with the handle end of a screwdriver will free it. If not, you will need to open it up. If the float is plastic, just get a new one and replace it.
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this 2 barrel has two fuel lines and wires in the throuts that go to the (plastic injectors?)
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if it is flooding out you probably have a throttle body injector that is failing/seal leaking. how old are the injectors? if origanal it is probably time for new. does it set any trouble codes, also is the temp guage reading correctly, if the temp sensor starts reading cold that will cause the computer to richen the mix to a cold start condition.

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would probably start by checking for codes by jumpering the diagnostic connector a and b terminals together and turning the key on and counting check engine light flashes first code should be a 12, it will flash each code 3 times and then start all over again.

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