86 Ford ranger skipping


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Thumbs down 86 Ford ranger skipping

Ok here it is... I have read forum after forum about these rangers with the 2.9 lt EFI and everyone having all these problems with the way theres is running.. I'm no different.. Mine was idling up and down acting like it was flooding and a few other things I can't remember right now.. BUT... Mine had been sitting for some three years or so before my dad said I could have it.. I had to replace the fuel tank sending unit, both pumps and filter just to get it to start.. Pulled the engine out replaced clutch, oil pump water pump and the gaskets and seals. Also replaced coil, distributor cap, rotor button, plugs and wires. That was just to start with.. Once I got the truck running it never ran like it was supose to.. Ran rough as hell. It sounded like it had a big cam in it.. I read all the forums and replaced everything most people said it might be.. EGR, fuel pressure regulator, all new vacuum lines, intake temp sensor lastly I replaced the map sensor.. Which smoothed it out... BUT now it seems like it is running like it should but it has a skip in the motor now.. As soon as I replaced the map sensor all the rough running and the idling up and down and sounding like it had a cam in it was gone.. But it is skipping like hell now.. And I'm sure it wasn't skipping before.. I replaced the wires again and put new plugs back in it but it did nothing to clear it up.. It feels like it's not skipping bad enough to keep it from being drivin but when I try to drive it it will start cutting out and bogging down.. I'll get about 50 feet out of my drive and I'll end up backin back in the yard... Any ideas would be great thx... Michael
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bad catilitic converter or pluged exhaust could do it try driving with the before cat 02 removed to see if it clears up also carbon from sitting the best place to start would be getting it scaned for codes and data
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I wouldn't rule out a sticky/faulty injector(s) if they were introduced to some old, bad fuel.
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Well I would say it may be the catilitic converter but I gutted it when I had the motor out... I did run a can of sea foam through the engine before I changed the map sensor, and that turned out to be a real *****... It fouled my plugs so bad it wouldn't hit a lick.. I had to take them out and just throw them away.. Then I replace the map and it was now skipping. So I replaced the plugs again.. Nothing.. Yeah I need to put it on the computer, but I'll just tell you I don't even want to lift the hood on this truck right now...lol

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