Starting Problem--2001 Silverado 1500HD


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Starting Problem--2001 Silverado 1500HD

Hoping someone can help me diagnose an electrical problem with my 2001 Silverado 1500HD.

No previous problems to speak of. This morning, upon attempting to start the truck, as I turned over the ignition, all electrical systems flashed on and then immediately off. I assumed a flat battery was to blame. When I put on the jumper cables, the electrical came back on and my meter was registering 12 - 14 volts. However as I tried to turn the engine over, it still would not start. However, now I was getting the typical click-click-click one hears when trying to start with a dead battery.

I gave it a little time for the support vehicle system to give a little charge to my Silverado battery and tried again. The same thing happened--click-click-click.

I removed the battery and took it to Sears and it tested out perfect--12+ volts and 800 CCAs.

Any ideas on what I should check next?

Thanks for any help.
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Let's start with the basics if you haven't tried them already.Double check all connections for corrosion, tight etc. Disconnect the positive terminal on the battery & check connection at starter also. The reason for disconnecting battery before, is that sparks may fly if your wrench touches metal while checking connection at starter.
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Problem Solved

Thanks for the response. It turns out I had a bad connection on the pos terminal. It was interesting. Little to no corosion build up but somehow the connection managed to loosen up just enough to cause the problem.
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A bad connection to a starter motor pulling 200A is a good connection to a dome light pulling 1A.

No-crank flow chart-

Turn on dome light.

Try to crank while dome light is on.

If light goes out, or you get the clicking, it's a bad battery connection. The bad connection will be hot to the touch and may make a frying sound. Sometimes wedging a knife blade into the connection will get you started.

If light dims slightly due to the solenoid pulling it's substantial current, it's bad solenoid contacts or bad starter motor.
With bad contacts, to get started, bypass solenoid contacts with a quarter. There is invisible grime on all connections, so press hard on the quarter.

If your clothes touch the battery, a month later holes will appear.

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