what brand parts to buy


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what brand parts to buy

I was wondering if the added cost of napa autoparts was worth it compared to autozone parts. Are they of a higher quality? I would think so considering the price discrepancy.
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I think a lot depends on what you are buying. I know there are those who swear by NAPA but autozone fits my budget better and for the most part the warranties are the same.
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You would have to look at the box and determine where it was made. USA; cost is higher, as is quality. China; cheap, and cheap.
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Thanks for the replies. I guess I should try and stick to parts made in the good old USA then.
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In order to be competitave NAPA has different grades of parts. So know what you are buying. I dont buy their cheap line. And some of the NAPA stuff is made in china. RW
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As stated, it really depends on the parts. I go out of my way (unfortuneatly, sometimes its wayyyy out of the way) to find Parts made here. Somthing else I do is have my starters/alternators rebuilt by a local shop. This keeps the money local and is usually cheaper.

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I have had no luck with zone parts. Take for example a starter At auto zone old starters a sent hundreds on a truck and hauled off to Mexico for a so called overhaul with to them is a set of new brushes and a can of black spray paint. So now you might have a point at saying but they have a lifetime warranty. But think do you really want to do a job two times because of a bad part?
Another example was a heater blower moter I was replacing on my dads 94 caprice the zone had one but the squirel cage was about 1/2 inch shorter and the wires had no plug on them like the oem and it still reeked of fresh spray paint. They said it was a uneversal fit.
Napa did not have one but they ordered the exact replacment for the car and it came in next day. No hacking of wires required and it went in no problem.
To me the Zone is ok for things like oil,wax,plugs,air freshners, airfilters anything but big ticket items like alternators,starters or any kind of electrial moter. That is just IMO.
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Alot of it is definately going to depend on your budget and how far out of your way you'll have to go. I love anything made in the U.S.A. I know AZ doesn't have much made here, but I haven't had a problem yet with my 1st 68, or my 81, or now my 86. NAPA has been in our town many many years before AutoZone or O'reilly. Bad thing is...small town service comes with a big time price tag. I'm all about keeping my money local too, but sometimes my budget doesn't feel the same way. As mentioned though, look at the parts you want to buy and see where they're made...
My two cents...

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I buy electricals, starters, alternators and belts at Napa. Almost everything else at autozone. Autozone carries a huge inventory of parts where napa will sometimes have to order.

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