Prepping an old chevy for a camper


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Prepping an old chevy for a camper

Figured I should ask...

Picked up an old 82 chevy C2500 w/ the 6.2 diesel; major purpose for buying it - was so we could grab a slide in camper and tow the 4runner behind.

Working my way through the 26yr old truck fixing what needs attention thus far (vacuum pump, general maintenance, all those odds n ends that have been ignored). Hit the point now where I'm looking at prepping it for the camper.

What should I be paying more attention to in regards to getting it ready for a camper (still haven't found one I like - but we're looking at some of the larger slide ins - probably in the 10'-11'6" range). Read lots of odds n ends about adding airbags, belly bars, stronger swaybars etc.

What do I want to start with - to get the truck ready so that when I do find a camper I like; I'm ready to pick it up?

Thanks in advance,

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Air bags can pop or leak down. A good set of overload springs,and shocks is where I would start. Then go on to adding GOOD brakes. If you can carry it and stop it. The rest is easy. Well, good luck.
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Don't forget tranny cooler if not equipped with one already. Good set of tires rated to carry the extra load, and properly inflated, to go with earlier suggestion on spring & brake upgrade if possible.
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rust rust rust

Check bed/frame for rust. Even if rust isn't an issue where you live, the truck may have been subjected to these conditions during its lifetime. Steering linkeage, tie rods, ball joints, U-joints are all easy to forget until its too late also.

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