89 GMC Sierra 1500


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89 GMC Sierra 1500

What's the procedure to adjust the drum brakes? Two wheel drive.
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Usually drum brakes have a self adjuster on them, but if you've just installed new brake shoes, you should adjust them for the first time.

On the back of the brake at the bottom there should be a little rectangular plug - either rubber or metal pull out. You can see an adjusting wheel through that hole.

If you have a brake adjusting tool (pretty cheap from auto parts store) you just go through the little window and turn the wheel to set the brake up. If you have that wheel off the ground tighten the adjuster (usually up from the lower side of the wheel) until you lock up the brake solid. Then back it off until you have a light drag on the brake.

Now, here's the trick. When you back it off, the auto adjuster will keep you from turning the wheel back. So... take a small screwdriver and go in along the adjusting wheel and push the self adjusting lever back off the wheel while you're setting the adjustment. After that just put the little plug back in the backing plate.

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