89 ford f150 misses


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89 ford f150 misses

I have a 89 Ford f150 in-line six that is missing like crazy. It used to start good on a few cylinders then as it warmed up it would hit on all six. Today it did not want to start at all but did and missed really bad and got a little better as it warmed up. Each time it was re-started it was really hard to start. A couple of years ago I was driving home from work on a very hot day and the truck shut off on me as I slowed down to stop. A hour later I started it up and drove it home. I use the truck around the house now but I can't put up with the missing. Does any one have any ideas. Thanks for any help
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Is that truck carburetor, or fuel injection ? I know they still used carb on some around 86, 87, but can't remember for sure in 89'. If carb, get choke checked.

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