skylight replace rv


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skylight replace rv

how do i replace my skylight in my shower, fleetwood bounder 34F and also where can i purchase the skylights.

thanks Sal Avitabile
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Try a fleetwood dealer for exact replacement, if not any RV dealer should be able to get you a replacement that will fit.
The shroud inside is removable by taking out the screws around the perimeter of your inside garnish/trim, obviously. The outside one on the roof has sealant over the screw heads & around the flange that attaches to your roof, usually Red Robertson screw heads or 1/4" hex heads. Remove sealant enough to get driver on heads, and remove them all. Now carefully start prying and lifting in one area, say corner, and working your way around. There should be butyl tape which is similar to putty between roof & flange of skylight, which can be a real pain to get it to let go sometimes, but lift hard & slowly with constant pressure, and it should slowly let go. Be careful that when your prying, your not ripping or cutting the rubber or vinyl underneath it. clean off all butyl on surface of roof, or at least as much as you can safely get off, smooth out any left on, and re-apply new butyl to skylight and screw back down, careful not to tighten too much & crack new cover. Then apply Dicor or similar sealant all around clean edges & screwheads as before. Make sure your wide bead of sealant is half on new cover & half on roof. Give a few days to set & re-check and apply more sealant if needed in pinholes, cracks etc. A local RV place should be able to direct you to proper sealants for your job.

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