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fuel pump

i have a 1996 dodge dakota 6 cylinder.the other day the gas light warning came on and within a 1/2 mile the truck stopped on a dime.(the gas gauge has always rocked back and forth and the needle wasn't showing on e. anyways i bought a gas can and put gas in it . and wouldn't start.i unhooked the gas line and no gas coming out when i tried to crank it.got the truck towed home and blowed out all the lines. still wouldn't crank.took off the bed of the truck to get to the fuel pump.took off all the fuel lines and blew them out,there was 1 fuel filter under the driver door,replaced it.took and looked at all the fuses on the fuel block inside and replaced 3 fuses under the hood,thinking maybe they was bad.hooked everything back up and still wasn't pumping gas out the fuel line.i have never heard this pump prime and am not sure if it's not a fuse i don't know about.can't find no diagram in my owners manual or web.mm that's odd.anyways before i replace the pump is there anyway i can check and see if the pump is getting fire??and also is there a fuel filter inside the pump and if so can it be clogged?? any info would be appreciated. thanks.
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There is a screen on the pump but it does not normally get blocked up. With the bed still off the truck you can probe the wires going to the fuel pump with a multi-meter, you should see battery voltage for about three seconds when the switch is first turned on. If this voltage is here and the fuel pump does not run it is bad. You must check this voltage with a digital multi-meter!! If you use an analog meter or a test light you risk damage to the computer or fuel gauge.
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