Replacing Toyota 4Runner Cigarette Lighter


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Replacing Toyota 4Runner Cigarette Lighter

My mom's got a 1997 Toyota 4Runner and the cigarette lighter in the instrument panel is completely broken and partially removed. She wants to get a Garmin so she's on me to try and fix it.

I bought a new complete lighter from Pep Boys, made by a company called Victor, and the information on it shows it should fit her car, but I can't figure out anyway to either replace all the old parts with new, or figure out the combination of old and new parts I need to use to get it working again.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Don't know what you got but normally, the 2 parts you have thread together. The outside casing goes behind the dash panel, and the part that the lighter/or whatever plugs into, goes through the hole from the front. After you slide the inside part through the hole from the front, it should have an outer ring that stops up against the panel, then you reach behind and thread the outer part on, and tighten it up until it's tight against the back of the panel and holding in place where it should be. Your 12V + wire goes to the center, and your negative, (usually a spade connector) slides on to spade of back casing.(should be part of the casing on rear. ) Is that what you've got?

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