Hail damage to a tent trailer


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Hail damage to a tent trailer

I am looking into buying a hail damaged 1996 Starcraft folding tent trailer (http://www.sgi.sk.ca/salvage_sales/salvage.html). I haven't seen it yet, but my father-in-law has seen it and says the damage isn't too bad but would need to be repaired. He says that it would need auto body filler and then paint.

My question: Can one use their DIY skills to repair the roof of this unit? Is this a DIY job? Is it very expensive to get a RV place (or elsewhere) to repair it?
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It depends in part on what the roof material is, and what is under it in the form of insulation, bracing, etc. I could not pull up your link to see it. If it just has bad "acne" but no tears in the material, I would be tempted to leave it as is. Filling and sanding a bunch of dings takes a lot of time when you could be fishing.
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I tend to agree with Goldstar, if it aint leaking, don't touch it.
You'll probably find its a thin sheet(s) of aluminum, with bumpy surface. In order to get bondo to stick properly you need a roughed up surface for it to hold too, and you won't have a whole lot of thichness to work with, before you go through it. If worse comes to worse, and the old sheets are still stuck good on there, perhaps removing any vents, & moldings etc, and using a good contact cement designed for such applications, simply buy a same metal & apply it over the old one after prepping the old one for proper adhesion. Cut out necessary holes for vents, Re-putty all your vents , moldings etc., and put them back on, and no one will know the difference, except you maybe. Try to go with one piece if you can, less chance of leak later.

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