Utility trailer lights work except brake lights


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Utility trailer lights work except brake lights

Just bought a used 5x8 utility trailer. i put in all new light bulbs, hooked up to the vehicle last night. Turn signals work, running lights work. Brake lights work when vehicle lights are off, however, when vehicle lights are on and brake pedal is depressed the lights on the trailer go out. The trailer light connector is a circular 6 slot with solid pin center. Anyone have a recommendation to correct? Thank you.
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You first need to disconnect the trailer connector from the vehicle and figure out which colored wires give you ground, left signal, right signal, park and brake.
On your 6 pin connector you should also have power and brake.

Once you know which wires are which on the vehicle you then have to match up the trailer connector wires.
A battery charger with a couple of pieces of wire make this easier.
Also, make sure you have a good ground through the connector and that the trailer chassis and the connections at the lights all have a good ground.

There is a standardized color code for trailer wiring but so many diy mechanics ignore this it becomes frustrating when you try to use the coding without checking the wires first.
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GREG, thank you. I thought the 6 pin "male" trailer plug was already a standard set up to fit any 6 pin vehicle plug. If the ground was not good, are you saying it may only affect the trailer lights when braking? and not other functions? I'll try the battery charger method and see if I can figure out which slot is for what functions on the trailer plug. I am sure somewhere in the vehicle manual or on the vehicle plug is the details for each slot.
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if the lights work until you step on the brakes one or your problems is bad or poor ground. look on http://www.etrailer.com/faq_wiring.aspx
they have very good diagrams and info.

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Thank you speedwrench, this was terrific information.
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You should go with Greg, i think he has perfect solution for your problem...

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