Hood latch not working


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Hood latch not working

On a 99 F-150 I cannot get the hood to unlatch. The lever inside the cab appears to be working as I can see the cable move when I pull the lever. So I am thinking the problem could be either the cable or the latch. Not being able to open the hood I don't know how to access the latch to check it. Can anyone help me?
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the grill and othercomponents may need removing so that you can access the latch you may have to unbolt latch also to gain access you can try and remove the cable from handle and pull with pliers the cable may be streached good luck
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first try useing the flat of your hand to pop the hood just above the latch while some one pulls on the handle inside the vehicle. then after the hood is open lubricate the latch and hinges as they are probably dry and not excerting enough pressure on the latch when attempting to unlock.

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