dodge ram bumper towing capacity

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dodge ram bumper towing capacity


I am looking to pickup a 1994 dodge 1500, v8 4x4. The truck was raised and has a replaced transmission and has wide tires.

So a few questions:

It has a ball on its bumper, what do these types of hitches typically tow? In terms of hitches, is a bumper hitch a class III on this type of truck? Is it rated differently? Do they typically support more or less weight than installing a hitch? I know these trucks can haul about 5800 lbs but i dont know if that means with an installed hitch or on the bumper hitch, can someone confirm this?

The transmission is said to be the same type as its original, i assume if it was different this can affect towing capacity. I will be attempting to check the history of the trans before buying.

Since this truck is raised, does this affect towing / payload? I would think this would mean i could, in theory, handle more weight in the payload. can someone confirm this?

Really, I plan to tow only a 19ft bow rider which this truck can most definitely support. The trailer states it requires a class 4 hitch that can support 6000 lbs, however i know the boats dry weight is 1700 lbs, even with the engine and trailer i imagine at most the weight would be 3500 lbs so i believe thats the max load of the trailer.
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OEM bumpers aren't the greatest things for pulling heavy loads. I've seen too many of them give out. As they get older rust damage takes it toll on them as well.

I would install a hitch rated for the class of pulling you want to do, especially if it's going to be used a lot.
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the raising of the truck will lower the tow rating espicially if oversize tires are installed. oversize tires also stress brakes so that they have to work harder to stop the vehicle. it would be best to install premium brake shoes and pads, also most factory bumpers only are class II max tounge weight of 500lbs.
max towing capasity of 5000lbs. it would be best to install a reciever hitch which bolts to the frame, also that would allow for a drop reciever to allow the boat trailer to be leveled for proper towing, the trailer should set level in normal towing position for the best handling.

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