Trailer: new right turn signal not working


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Trailer: new right turn signal not working

Hey there,

I just installed new tail lights, with all new wire.

On my dodge ram 1500, i picked up a trailer light connection that plugged right into where the trucks tail lights plug into - i believe this is a t connector? At any rate this connection was labeled to be for my truck make and year.

The left turn signal works, both the left and right lights are on when the head lights on the truck are on, however the right turn signal does not work - whether the headlights are on or not. The truck lights work as expected.

So everything is new, and as far as I am concerned, since the trucks connections were plug ins and not spliced, I would have to guess something is wrong with the trailer lights / wire.

I know trailer lights are always an issue, my family always had a time when these lights semi-worked. However, these parts are all new and have not been submerged yet, so I would have to imagine they should work.

I bought these lights from walmart, the details of the wiring is:

green goes to right signal, yellow goes to left. yellow/brown goes to the left side license plate, and there is a green/brown that goes to the right side license plate. The green/brown and yellow/brown both connect to where a solid brown would typically be seen.

the brown wire on the truck is coming from the left side (driver) connection. There is a single green coming from the right.

This all seems like it should make sense. I thought maybe the green/brown should have been removed so I cut it and tried again. Of course, this ends the circuit so the light just didnt work at all.

On a similar note, i at first seen the left turn signal controlling both lights for some reason. Also when I applied the break both lights went out. At the time I did not have the ground connected. I connected the ground since then and aside from the right turn signal, it all works correctly.

I do not have any kind of grease or what have you on the connections at this time.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Where is the white or black for trailer ground?
When you say the brown/yellow and brown/green connect to where brown usually goes do you mean at the trailer? Usually the brown connects to the tail-lights and liscence plate lights together. But if the left works and not the right then you are probably good on the wiring.
You are sure the bulb is good? The ground is most times the problem with trailers. Make sure the right assembly is grounded well. Both at it's mounting place and any wire used for ground. Sometimes you need a ground wire installed from the trailer to the truck, usually this is done by the white or black wire. Also would not hurt anything to install a ground wire to the trucks frame from the harness ground.
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I agree it sounds like a bad ground.

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