1993 Ford Ranger STX warning beep


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1993 Ford Ranger STX warning beep

Ok this happened a few months ago, not a big deal but it is quite annoying. SO my blinkers decided to die one die, I lifted the hood and replace all the fuse just in case. Figured that was the problem,NOPE it wasnt. A few days later when i was driving home at night with the headlights on the warning (like door ajar or keys left in igntion) started going off. I tried the wd 40 trick i read about online but the little tabs on the door jam are fine,the move freely.

Any ideas?

I keep reading theres a fuse box INSIDE the truck but for the life of me i cant find it. Does anyone know FOR SURE where it might be on the 1993 ford ranger stx 4x4 model?
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On an '87 it's behind the left knee panel, below the gauges.

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