1997 Ford Explorer rear door won't unlock


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1997 Ford Explorer rear door won't unlock

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer and the rear drivers side door won't unlock. The post moves up and down when the door is opened by remote but now all the way. I cannot pull up on it either to unlock it. Is there a trick to get into it or does it have to be pulled apart from the inside or do I need to use a slim jim from the outside to unlock it?
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I have the same issue and I am hoping someone now has the answer.

My Daughter has a 1997 Ford Explorer and the rear door will not unlock. I removed the back seat to gain access to the door panel. I removed both rear door a panels and observed the current operation. The broken door will not unlock even though the door look moves up and down. I remove the power door lock to ensure that it is not stopping full movement. It appears that the door lock knob will not move the lever at the door latch. I tried to move the lock mechanism at the door latch will a screw driver but it is stuck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to the Forums. Just a note to show you aren't being ignored.

Unless someone comes in with another idea, I would think you have a linkage disconnect someone in there or the latch itself is broken.
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i do not know, for sure,
but it probably has to do with the
'child safety latch' ( the little lever you see, at the bottom of the latch, with the door open),
it prevents a child from opening the door by accident,from the inside
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Ooooh, good catch, new! I should have remembered that from a thread that we had going a while back. That little devil is easy to forget.
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Since you already have the door panel off you should be able to pull the linkage to activate the latch and get the door open. Then check the child safety lever. While you have the door open check to see how this latch works and make sure all the linkage works and is not bent or warped to prevent full operation. The lever is usually near the bottom of the door. Maybe you can see it and the mechanism to get that door open.

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