Brake peddle goes to floor, light come on....


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Brake peddle goes to floor, light come on....

I have a 1994 Chevy 4X4 1/2 ton pickup. I was driving down the road and began to feel my brake peddle going further down to the floor and brake light came on. I got truck home checked fluid and its fine. I can pump up the brakes, get a hard peddle, and the brake light will go off. While driving the truck each time I use the brakes they will go lower to the floor, they will stop the truck, but they get so low that the brake light comes on, the brakes grab very hard, and I get a bad palsesation in my peddle that shakes the truck. Looked under the truck at brakes lines, I don't see any leaking anywhere, and fluid is still up to top. Would anyone know why this would be happening? Thanks...
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If there is no fluid leakage, and the pedal goes to the floor, the first guess would be bad master cylinder. (Not a real mechanic, I just play one on the internet...)
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The bad pulsation has me wondering.
If it did not pulsate before
and the brakes worked perfect before
Then the bad sinking brake pedal and the pulsation both started at the same time.

I would be looking for loose front calipers or rotor
in the rear possible loose shoes.

The 2 symptoms together sound like a bad combination together.

I would start by pulling all 4 wheels
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The pulsation could be your antilock brake system. RW
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I agree with frankiee that you should get all four corners inspected asap. I had a bad experience with a front wheel bearing about 4 or 5 years ago on the wrecker. Was on my way to a vehicle and when I braked to turn a corner had no brakes, but it would inprove with a couple of quick pumps. Nursed it back to the shop and we were convinced the master cylinder was shot. Replaced it, but pulled our hair out for a couple of hours afterwards until we realized that when the brakes were applied the right front wheel was moving slightly top-to-bottom. What we found was a bad spindle and had almost lost the wheel. What was happening was the wheel and brake disk were leaning so badly it was actually compressing the pistons in the caliper on that side. When you pushed on the brake a couple of times it would stand the wheel back up and you would get some braking, but as soon as you let off, the wheel would lean and compress the piston again.

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