1999 Mazda 4000....Again


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1999 Mazda 4000....Again

I had an earlier post about this but it was moved. I click on it and it says I don't have access to this page or something like that. I don't know where it went.

Anyway, son (34 years old) was driving north and his truck overheated. Called a wrecker and it was hauled to a rather fancy truck-stop in the middle of nowhere. This was Sept 26th.

The garage 'thought' it was a warped head. They sent the heads to a machine shop.

After a couple weeks my son calls the garage to see if it's done yet. Nope, still at the shop. Son asks for the number of the shop so he can see what is going on. Garage says, "you don't want to do that." Hmmmmmm.

He calls the garage a few days later, garage NEVER calls about anything, and they say both heads are cracked. However, we've found an engine with 88k on it and we'll have it ready before Thanksgiving. After the insurance payment it'll cost you about $700 so son say go for it.

Son calls the week after Thanksgiving and they say the engine JUST came in but is for a Ranger and MIGHT fit. If not they'll take the heads off and put on his engine.

This is the most BIZARRE thing I've ever heard of. They've had the truck for 10 WEEKS and they have an engine that MIGHT fit.

My son asks me, "what do I do." I have no idea. If he didn't owe $5,000 on the truck I'd say tell the garage to put it where the sun doesn't shine. That's not an option.

So, would it be a good idea to put heads from a used engine onto one that was overheated? I think we're out of options otherwise.

Bizarre to say the least.


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You didn't say how far away the truckstop was...but...

Go rent a towbar, car dolly or a trailer. Borrow a tow vehicle if you need to. Get the truck and all the parts and take it to a local garage, not a truckstop.

Even including gas, it shouldn't be more than a couple of hundred if you can do it in one day.
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Thanks, we've thought of that many times. Trouble is he bought some warranty insurance and they are working with the garage and on and on.

My son called them today and they SAY it will be ready monday or tuesday. Engine won't fit so they are going to put the heads on his engine which has about 120k miles on it. We'll see how this works. The truck is in beautiful shape.....when it runs.



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