Chevy Truck Problem


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Chevy Truck Problem

I have a 1999 Chevy Pickup, 350, 2WD, Ĺ ton. This model is equipped with a crankcase position (CKP) sensor that provides the powertrain control module (PCM) with a crankcase p
ition signal. The PCM uses the signal to determine the spark sequence (firing order) for each cylinder. The PCM also uses the signal to precisely control ignition timing and engine speed. (Basically you canít manually adjust the timing). The truck will not start when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. After cranking the engine, I get the following diagnostic codes:

P0336 CKP sensor circuit, range or performance problem.

P0339 CKP sensor, circuit intermittent.

There is spark from the coil and I have replaced the crankcase position sensor, the camshaft position sensor, and the ignition control module. The truck ran fine on Saturday, 12/6/08, and the codes disappeared. Sunday morning when the temperature dropped it would not start and the codes reappeared. Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

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what is cranking speed when cold compared to when it is warm if rpm is low it will set code weak battery gelled oil poor starter or conections could be cause
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Rich: Saw your post from a year ago, and wonder what your resolution was? I have a '99 Chevy Van chassis, with an RV on it, and am having a similar problem. Didn't realize it was tied to the cold until I read your post, and sure enough, starts fine when it gets "warmer" probably above 40. Had a garage go over all the fuel issues (their idea), and put a new fuel filter on; although it sure seems to me to be electrical.
Someone suggested it could be electrical (something cracked, or a defective chip) that is not operating properly in cold. I am waiting for it to get cold now, and will put a hair dryer on certain parts and keep trying to start it. Best I can figure for now.
Appreciate any guidance. Thanks,

Mike Cook
Louisville, KY

PS My luck, it will probably stay warm now for a few more weeks
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Cold Start problems

I saw this post of yours from almost a year ago, and wondered what your final resolution was.

I have a '99 Chevy Van with a Vortec engine, and it sounds like the same problem. I am already grateful for your post - as I hadn't figured out that it was just cold weather related. Mechanics who worked on it kept spending time on fuel related issues (pump, filter, pressure, etc.), even though to me it sounded electrical. Seems there is an electrical part, or a connection that is not being made when the temperature outside gets under fifty degrees.

Appreciate any advice you can give.

Mike Cook
Louisville, KY
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if it is a crankSHAFT position sensor problem the shop should be able to the crank speed go to 0 when the problem shows up, they should also be able to see if you have fuel pressure while its not starting. Those old 350 R motors where pretty bad about distributor problems in vans and the ground circit for the fuel pump would heat up and met inside the round connector mounted to the crossmember for the fuel pump. cold weather could cause either to show up.
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Listen at the fuel filler and see if the fuel pump runs when you turn on the key (3 second run). General Motors has had some problems with their fuel pumps not running after a cold soak. My cousin has a truck that will not start below 35 degrees, started acting up last winter, went all summer just fine, with temps falling I guess it is time to drop the tank, oh well! Hope this helps.

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