Suburban NT-40 blows cold?


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Suburban NT-40 blows cold?

I have a Suburban NT-40 that's under a year old that we use in a trailer we use for snow-x racing in the winter. It just stopped working 2 days ago. If we put a heater on top of the tanks they fire up fine. The the heater attempts to start, you can hear the sparking and even if it starts the propane momentarily, it only blows cold air? Tried different tanks, direct bypassing the dual tank regulator and pushing whatever the button is on the front of the unit? Any ideas? This seems to be a common problem but in under a year? Should I keep some spare part on hand after I fix it this time? We only use it in the winter. Help!
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Have you tested the voltage going to the furnace ? Is it getting a good 12volts while operating? Do you have any way of testing working pressure ? (Manometer)

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