97 Chevy Van 2500 re-occuring Flywheel-busing/starter problem


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Cool 97 Chevy Van 2500 re-occuring Flywheel-busing/starter problem

Hello all, My 97 Chevy Van 2500 recently had to have the flywheel replaced as well as the starter and drive train. 1 week later the same problem occurred. This time it was repaired at the Chevy Dealer and now 1 week later, the same problem has happened--naturally--over the weekend. What could be causing the flywheel to breakdown after 1 week of replacement. is this a common chevy van problem? and if so do any of you have a suggestions---other than putting the thing in neutral and letting it over a remote cliff somewhere in the outback!!! thanks guys.
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I am assuming that the starter was put in correctly and the pinion gear to ring gear clearance was measured with the appropriate gauge.
I seen it before that a hair line crack on the aluminum trans could cause the starter/ring gear misalignment and cause the starter to "grind" sometimes until damage is done.
Hard to find because it can be just a small crack.
Also check for loose transmission/engine
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This is an automatic with the starter drive grinding up the ring on the flex plate? And you have had this repaired twice with a new starter/bendix drive and either a new gear ring or a new flex plate with gear ring? It would have to be an alignment issue.

Assuming all the parts were correct, the only place for that misalignment to occur would be the shimming of the starter to the block.
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Marbobj is correct, the starter on this van mounts with 2 bolts installed vertically into the engine block, and therefore a crack in the trans housing would not affect starter alignment. You need to check and be sure the correct starter and flexplate was installed. Did the engine sound normal when it was cranking? A shrill scream while cranking or a grinding would indicate starter needing to be shimmed.
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There is more than one way to have misalignment.
your tranny pump or torque converter could be causing the problem. Or the support brackets that attach to the bottom of the tranny and front of the engine have been removed, or the tranny cross brace isn't bolted down correctly, or the tranny mount is busted, or one or both of the engine mounts are busted. Any or all of them will cuase your flexplate to bust.

If the starter doesnt grind during start up, I doubt its your starter.

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