Chevy Silverado won't start

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Chevy Silverado won't start

Hey Guys.....

I just went through a problem with my pickup where I pulled in to get gas, filled up, tried starting the truck to leave and it was deader than a doornail.

It wouldn't do a thing, couldn't be jumped, nothing. Turned out to be a broken battery cable. Fixed it and it's been fine for weeks.

Now, it won't start again but this time everything comes on when I turn the key just as if it is fine. I turn the key completely to ignition and there is a single click and the truck does not turn over. I put a started in the thing last spring because it did something similar, but when I turned the key back and forth many times the truck would start. This time.....nothing.

I am not sure what the deal is and we have 10 inches of snow coming tonight. I need my truck and can't figure out where my problem is.

Can anybody offer some advice and things to look for? It's a 97 Chevy Z71 Silverado, 5.7 liter with 130,000. It's been a great truck but the last few months it seems to be starting to fall apart.

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Wont start

Go over all the cables and connections,is the batt fully charged,do the inst lights go out when you get the click?Turn the headlights on and hit the starter,if they do not dim you may have ign switch,neutral safety switch,or solenoid problems,If they dim you could have starter problems,give it a whack with a hammer.RW
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Get the battery load tested, takes alot more juice to turn the starter than to light the headlights. I had the same thing happen to my work truck not long ago, pulled in to get gas, and the truck would not even click when I tried to leave, would not jump start, ended up putting a battery in it to get it started

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