1988 dodge dakota 4wd starter problem


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1988 dodge dakota 4wd starter problem

replaced old starter with new one someone had put a solenoid from a ford hooked up as follows....pos. cable from battery to one side of solenoid neg from bottom of stareter to other side of solenoid ignistion wire from pos wires from battery to start terminal on stater? and from s terminal on solenoid to start term on starter..was starting b4 like this. now i hooked it up like above and get nothing so i eliminated solenoid and put pos from battery to pos on starter and ingnition wire ? to start term. on starter...now i can hear kick in but cannot tell if the thing with the teeth are actually getting pushed out to the flywheel....took to have stater checked and all checked out can anyone help me please???
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Does your replacement starter have a selonoid on it, or just a stud to hook the battery cable to? If it has a selonoid you can eliminate the other on and just use the one on the starter. Hook it up as follows, battery cable goes to big stud on selonoid, and start wire to s terminal on starter. Make sure the battery connection is clean and tight. Also make sure the negative from the battery is hooked to the engine block, and is clean and tight. Have the battery tested with a tester that can put a load on it.

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