Transmittions Problem?


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Transmittions Problem?

I have a problem, in which i've had for a couple years now, but it went away for awhile until recently.

I own a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500. I bought it in 1997 pretty much brand new. When it hit just over 100,000kms, it got a transmission rebuild - not sure why as i never pull anything, but I've heard many times that Dodge's biggest weakness is the transmission. Anyway, my problem. It's automatic. There is 1st gear, 2nd gear, drive and overdrive. Drive is like the 3rd gear, and overdrive the 4th gear. When I start the truck and drive it (as i drive on the highway to work, 75kms one way), it's almost as though 4th gear is stuck between 2nd and 3rd gear. When driving 120kms/hr, the normal RPM's is 1900 that is settles at, but when it's goign through this phase (which is becoming more and more frequent), it revs at 2600RPM's. If I turnoff overdrive, it DROPS a hair (drops approx. 200RPM's). What the truck revs at when overdrive is off, is's the overdrive (4th gear) that isn't working. Every experience I've had, it either works or it doesn't, until this morning. Driving on the highway it was working beautifully, revving at 1900RPMs as I was going 120kms/hr. I then got to the big hill, and like normal, I gave it more gas to keep going, the engine revved high like normal since i was inclining...but then when i got to the top, it's like somethign must've slipped as the overdrive issue appeared. It had been working!...i was so upset. Normally when i get going on the highway, it revs high, then slowly drops and settles where it should be at the 1800-1900 RPM's. This morning after the hill, as overdrive was on, it wouldn't drop below the 2600RPM' i slowed down to 80kms/hr, turned overdrive off, and let it rev at the 2000RPM's. I'm so stressed about this...what coudl be my problem? I live in Southern Alberta but work in Northern Alberta - I've taken it into the local mechanic and all they say is 'you probably need a new transmission'. They haven't found a problem...or really even looked I've spent so much on trying to 'diagnose' the problem...when i just want someone to give me an idea on what i should do. Should I go to a transmission place? I"m scared that they're goign to tell me I need one when perhaps I don't? If I do, by all means I'd get one...but I'd like some advice first if there is someone that can give me some?

Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone checked the fluid?
Is it low? Does it smell burnt? Is it bright red?
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Yes, you should go to a transmission place and, naturally to one that is reputable. Your problem may be as simple as something hanging up in the linkage or an adjustment or some other service item. Apparently the problem is the transmission isn't shifting back and forth between 3rd and overdrive.

An evaluation like "you probably need a new transmission" doesn't qualify as a diagnosis. Considering how you rely on the truck for transportation have someone qualified look at it and get it taken care of. Waiting can sometimes make the problem worse.
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