Wonder if I should see if PCM returns any trouble codes?


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Wonder if I should see if PCM returns any trouble codes?

I have a 92' Ford Ranger with 2.9 V6. I am trying to troubleshoot a starting problem with my truck. I did not see a Check Engine Light in the days preceding my problem. I wonder if it would still be worth borrowing a scanner to see if it returns any trouble codes? The manual said the scanner connection point for the PCM would be under dashboard or near power distribution box under hood. I don't see it at either location. Would the PCM itslef be the connection point?

Also which is the return line for the fuel pressure regulator? There is a line that looks like it connects to the bottom of the regulator. Is this the one?

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First the smaller fuel line is the return, why do you ask ??? On my 91 Ranger my ADL connector is off the wiring harness, clipped into the fender with what looks like a dead end plug kind of triangle shapped with the with the top point cut down. Probably not the best description.Also describe your starting problem, whats it doing or not doing ??

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