99 s10 2.2 4cyl. Heat wont turn off!!!!


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99 s10 2.2 4cyl. Heat wont turn off!!!!

Even in the off position heat still comes out at the feet. So now i ride with defrost on. I checked the ac compressor, was not turning on, system was emptey so i put in some freon r134a (its what the sticker says). Compressor turned on and the lines got cold. Turned nob to max ac and nothing!!! Still blows hot air. Not worm HOT!!

So, i figure the orifice tube may be cloged, or maby something elts. But that is what i will try next.

Have any ideas? help is appreciated.

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The cheapest and easiest way that I have found to stop the heat is to go to the local hardware store and by a shut-off valve that will fit your heater hose and a couple of hose clamps, find a convienient place to cut the hose (either one is ok) install the valve turn it to the closed position. this will stop the hot water from circulating through the cab, and will allow the a/c to cool better. when cool weather returns just turn the valve to the open position and enjoy the heat...

another option is to check the control cable from the hot-cold lever to the heater air/blend box, could be broken or just disconnected

Good luck and have a great day
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Check your AC line pressures. (Low pressure is the critical one but best to check both) You can pick up a bottle of R134a with low pressure gauge built in for cheap. (would suggest R134a with sealer and leak detector)

On that vehicle they route fresh air through the heater core so you will still get some warm air at your feet even with system off. The control on that one isn't mechanical it's vacuum, but killing hot H20 to heater core will certainly help the hot feet, & save you some gas $'s because when you have defrost on it uses AC compressor.
Hope this helps you...
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