Key on key off 4 time to start


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Key on key off 4 time to start

I have a 1999 Chev 6.0, 3/4 ton truck. Use to be I could start the truck with one turn of the key. Gradually over the years Ive had to increase that to 4 times,(key on and off) to get enough gas into the rail to start the engine without just grinding on the starter. Have installed new fuel filter, fuel pump. Checked(Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator) small vacuum controlled unit on fuel rail, diaphragm is good. Truck runs great,and starts easily after this key on key off deal, to get enough fuel into the rail to start easily.
Thanks for reply

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It sounds like what did you do to check the regulator and possible leaking injectors. Those two parts are the only place to lose pressure with a new good fuel pump and a solid leak free line going back to the fuel pump.

I would guess the regulator. Will it start right off after the four key sequence? If so, it's probably not leaking at the injectors. That gives you a semi flooded condition that would be aggravated in warm starting.
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????--This is a gas engine, and not a diesel ...Correct?????

Just a personal opinion, but if a regulator were stuck to prevent fuel with cranking vacuum.....There would be serious symptoms in other areas, while running.....

Does your oil pressure gauge work????

"Primer" is accomplished thru the Oil Pressure sender and a Fuel pump relay. This same circuit also "Forces" engine shutdown during low oil pressure situations to minimize engine damage.

Normally , an engine just sitting there has no oil pressure. Cranking, Pressure is low, running , pressure is normal. The oil pressure switch sees 0psi, and enables the fuel pump relay to "Prime The Rail" with the key on, and during crank, Once the engine is running, the primer ckt is disabled, and returns to normal operation.

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