take me waaaaayyy back....


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take me waaaaayyy back....

I'm 70 yrs old, and wanna go back a number of years. We used to do work on old 6 cyl trucks out in the fields.

My son's truck is a Mazda 97 cab and a half pickup. It's a nice, small truck, 4 cyl engine.

The clutch is out. Here's where help is needed for me. We're going to do a clutch repair, and I can't recall everything.

a. The engine----will we have to put a jack stand under the bell housing?

b. Seems like we drop the drive shaft. Front or rear?

c. The clutch housing, when pulled, will need a jack stand of some kind, won't it?

d. Getting the clutch out may be easy. Anything I need to know there?

e. Once clutch repair is done, we go back together with it and the bell housing.

f. get the jacks out of the way, and it's time to hook the drive shaft back.

And, abracadabra, away we go!!!
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Rather than go in to a big explanation, and taking all day due to my poor /slow typing skills, let's try this. Go to (autozone.com) and you can sign up for free, and it will give you access to parts prices, as well as repair manuals, with step-by-step plus pictures usually. Have found this very helpful for refreshing my memory, as well as giving me a heads-up on anything new.
Good Luck, You can do it!!
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Good idea. Thanks. I'll check it out.

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