2005 Dodge Ram 1500 differential fluid


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2005 Dodge Ram 1500 differential fluid

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup with 45k miles and the dealer is reccommending changing the front and rear differential fluid. I have never changed it before nor have I changed the transfer case(4X4) fluid. What are the consequences of not changing the differential fluid? How much longer can I hold out without changing it or am I over due? I realize it may be time to change it. The dealer quoted $280 for front and rear differential. I know I can get this done cheaper at my mechanic. However its still an expensive job. All comments appreciated. Thanks
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you can change the front and rear fluids for less then $50 yourself, just take the differential covers off, let the fluid drain into a drain pan, use a gasket or gasket sealer and replace the cover and refill up to the filler hole. I don't remember what wieght oil you use but the parts store can look it up for you. I recommend you use synthetic oil and the rear should have the additive for the limited slip, the bottle will say if it has it in or not.

The transfer case has a drain plug that you remove to drain the it, and another up higher that is for refilling. I don't remember what type of fluid it takes.

Your owners manual should tell you how much and what types of fluids your truck takes. I recommend a chiltons or haynes manual to help you with it.
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yea, make sure you read the manual on what to use. I have the 98 Dakota you see here in the forum and I have replaced all fluids. Granted there is a 7 year difference but I have a feeling it may be same situation. I am pretty sure that you don't use conventional gear oil. What you use is rather on the thin side. I got mine at the dealer (expensive but not prohibitively so). All three (front diff, rear diff, and trans (I HAVE 5 SPEED STICK) used same fluid. No additives were needed
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Just to reiterate in case it got lost in the discusssion: Yes, definitely get them done one way or another.
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dependant upon options on the truck,

75w90 synthetic or 75w140 synthetic.....the additive is for "Trac-lock" or NON-Slip diffs... (Kinda Rare option, so not likely, but possible)

Now.... not to be a pick, but someone mentioned "UNDER 50$"..????

The fluid alone for ONE diff would cost more than 50 $.... plan on 100 to 125 just for fluid...it HAS TO BE SYNTHETIC!!!!!!!!!!

The easiest way to do this.....Go to Dunkin Donuts......Buy a large Coffee and a Jelly donut, and head over to the Chrysler dealer....The last 8 digits of your vin will get you all the information , options and applications for the fluid you need.....

There are 7 or 8 different possible combinations on your year, and they each take something different.....There is no GENERIC answer for you, So dont let the "Chuckleheads" over at Auto zone sell you whatever they have on the shelf......The wrong stuff WILL Make short work of TRASHING YOUR DIFF...

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