towing with honda accord - can it / should it?

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towing with honda accord - can it / should it?

I'd like to get rid of my pickup and get a 8 or 10 ft. trailer to pull behind a Honda Accord. Most of my hauling consists of hauling lumber for furniture 1 or 2 times a year for ~70 miles. Load would be around 900 lbs max.
Can I put a hitch on the Accord to pull the trailer?
If so should I? I realize that not everything possible should be done.
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Don't think that car is rated for any towing..not what I'd do..
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twice a year , rent a truck with the money you save on gas
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Probably alright as long as you had common sense as to what your pulling and how it affects the dynamics of the car.
Have you asked this question to Honda ? I would thik that would be my first stop.
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Although I cant reasonably imagine an ACCORD towing anything.....

T-O has the right Idea.....Ask HONDA if a tow hitch is available as a FACTORY option.....Their response should answer your question.

You can get an aftermarket Hitch for a Bicycle these days...but only a FACTORY part will put aside any doubt as to capability....

Also ask about any warranty stipulations.........
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You have a Japanese passenger car because it's economical and dependable. Towing a 10 ft trailer loaded with lumber will kill it as surely as taxes are going up and it may also kill you in the process. Rent a truck as suggested earlier.
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The 2006 Honda Accord is rated to tow 1,000 lbs. If you want to tow more'n that, get an SUV or a pickup with a "real" tow rating. My Isuzu Trooperis rated to tow enough that bought a travel trailer. Yee-haw! And it's done really well pulling it along at speed, too. Gas mileage sucks, but that's acceptable. Towing a travel trailer is like pulling a 1.5 ton sheet of plywood with the flat side into the wind.
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I used my '97 Stratus while moving when my pickup truck was down, towing an 8' trailer. It worked, but I was only moving four miles where I could afford to go 35mph. When I had to return the trailer, using the car, it was not pleasant in the slightest. Towing the empty trailer on the highway required keeping below the speed limit and out of overdrive. It was not easy on that car.

I vote for renting or borrowing a truck the couple of times a year you'd need it. If you had a much bigger car or a rear wheel drive car then maybe it'd be a different story, but with a light, FWD car it's just impractical.
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Three year old thread, guys.
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Ah. It would be nice if they were color coded by start year sometimes... *grin*

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