98 dakota motor "races"


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98 dakota motor "races"

1998 Dodge Dakota, 3.6 V6 5 speed ~126000 miles.
Just had the water pump, belt, and tensioner replaced.
When the motor is cold the engine makes a noticiable 'roaring' sound when the clutch is depressed shifting from first to second and again from second to third. It's as if you're leaving the accelerator depressed when depressing the clutch. And no - that isn't occuring / I'm not doing that. It seems to be more noticable when the engine is cold but still happens after it's warm -probably to a lessor extent.
The tach shows the RPMs increasing approx. 100-150 RPMS. and then it settles back down. My garage can't find anything wrong. This didn't happen before the pump and belt got replaced. Anyone have any ideas on why the might be occuring and what to look at? Thanks.
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Engine speed

OK, for the record the complaint is an increase in engine speed while shifting from one gear to another being signaled by a change in sound from the engine. Is that correct?

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