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Unhappy Travel Trailer Mold

I have a Travel Trailer and recently we found mold inside. The mold is on the cabinets, and was found on the foam mattress covers. I removed the mattress covers and washed them in the wash machine. What about the foam inside. I didn't notice anything on them, but should I treat them anyways and with what? I've read to use vinegar and water, water and alcohol, and something called mean green. What would you recommend for fabrics that aren't removable? Also, what would you recommend I do to keep the mold out? We keep the camper closed up and we do use damp rid, but for some reason this year we have mold. I live in New Jerey and it has been a very humid summer, could it just be because of that. The mold I found is white and on the cabinets it looks fuzzy. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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The first thing I would do is contact a mold specialist to see if the mold is a health risk. They could probably advise you on the best way to deal with it. I would also look for a leak that may be letting water in that would cause the problem.
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Mold inside TT

I have had an RV for 16 years now. Mold needs moisture to grow.
Do you have Max Air Vent covers over your vents? (So that you can leave them open when your trailer is being stored.) This creates air flow. Damp rid is good, however, they cannot handle the amount of moisture that builds during storage time. I use 8 Damp rids, set in pails thruout a 38' TT. Crumpled up newspaper also helps. I put it in my refridge and freezer. I also place it in the cabinets in with the dishes etc. To clean your upholstered furniture, I would vacuum it first, find a peroxide based cleaner,
most are safe for everything. You can "Google" Mold and mildew cleaner for Fabric.

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