Coolant change


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Coolant change

I have a 2002 F250 Powerstroke diesel. It has 103,000 miles. How often should the coolant be changed? It has the transmission cooler also. Is this part of the cooling system or is a separate system that needs to be changed by itself? Thank you.
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02 model,6.0 diesel,with 'gold' coolant-ford 'claims' the coolant is good for 100,000 miles.
I recomend to go back with 'motorcraft' gold coolant
it will probably hold close to 3 gal. note!! use distilled water to fill the rest of the volume-not tap water.
there is a trans fluid cooler in the radiator tank,it will not need service.
has the trans fluid been changed??-if this has a 'torque shift"
trans,it takes a special fluid(mercon-sp)

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