84 ford 150 front hub


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84 ford 150 front hub

I have an 84 f150 4wd. trying to replace rotor. has two piece integral manual locking hub. have removed the cap, and the outer hub assembly but can't figure out how to remove inner assembly. looks like little plate with tabs. any help?
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I think it's the same as my old Dodge. You need a special socket "borrow it from Auto Zone" to remove the nut.

Looks kinda like this.

If I'm wrong sorry.
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Ya, that's the kind I've used on my older ford 4x4's. I went ahead and bought one back in the early 90's, don't remember the price but it's always handy when I need it

btw - welcome to the forums!
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yhere are 2 nuts in there,with a tabbed washer in between them.
the inner nut has the pin on it & the pin faces the washer.
adjust the inner nut-just snug.
use a pair of snap ring pliers to grab th washer by the holes in it.
one of the holes 'must' align with the pin.you can flip the washer over the holes are staggered from the tab -side to side.
the outer nut needs to be 'tight' 50 ft lb or so.
note that after you tighten the outter nut,it pushes the inner nut further in-due to the clearance in the threads.this will increase the preload on the bearings.that is why you just snug the inner bearing.
all said & done,if you have acces to a dial indicaator,set it up & check the rotor surface runnout-more than 0.002 -0.003
you may want to find a shop that is equipped to machine the rotors'on the vehicle'-(some what expensive,but the only way to do it correctly)as far as i know all 'ford' dealer ship service departments have the wquiptment.

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