86 Ford Ranger Rear Axle slop Will I Die?


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86 Ford Ranger Rear Axle slop Will I Die?

I just brought home a 1986 Ford Ranger to use as a run around the farm truck.
4x4 manual trans.
I was putting tire chains on the rear, & had the wheel off the ground, jack under the axle.
As I yanked on the tire chains to check tightness, I felt the whole wheel pull toward me.
I shoved it back & found there to be at least 1/4 to 1/2" slop in the axle. (lugs are tight, definitely the axle)
The other side is loose, but not quite so much.
It's been a long time since I opened a rear end (25 years or so)
Knowing that this will be used only on the farm maybe 1000 miles a year or so...
Should I just run it?
Should I panic & not get in it?
Is there something inside the rear that could be adjusted to lessen the slop?
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i would just drive it.
being that it is a 4x4 ,the rear axle is probably a locking axle.
there is normaly a noticeabl amount of end play in the axle.
the locking axle- clutch pack is probaly worn-causing excess clearance between the end of the axle & the differential cross pin.

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